Spa Thalia Wellness

Leave your daily routine behind and enjoy the holidays in complete freedom and relaxation. In our wellness centers we will take care of your body and soul.
First, relax in the beneficial heat of our thermal waters; this way you will experience its health effects at its fullest, as have shown the tradition of 2500 years.
Next, savour the effectiveness of the treatments practiced by our experts. Finally, rediscover a profound serenity and a natural harmony through the wellness programs, conceived for both women and men.


Mud therapy

The thermal mud applications are indicated for the treatment of rheumatism and during the degenerative and dysmetabolic arthropathies, as well as for the metabolic disorders and the inflammatory diseases. The treatment cycle includes 12 applications.

Thermal bath

The thermal bath follows the mud therapy and lasts 15 minutes. Thermomineral waters, in the opinion of hydrologists, restore physiological virtue, neutralize the acidity of the stomach and improve circulation.

Bagno termale
Riflessologia plantare

Foot reflexology

Plantar foot sensivity manipulation causes a general re-harmonization of the whole organism with the improvement of numerous organic pathologies.
The foot massage technique is also a diagnostic method; by pressing the areas of the foot, pain points are being highlighted.

Lymphatic drainage

It is a gentle massage that has the purpose of “opening” the lymphatic stations in order to allow the free flow of lymph. Lymphatic drainage performs an unlocking of the lymph nodes and facilitates its circulation.

Inalazione e aereosol

Inhalation and aerosol

The nebulization is carried out with thermomineral water for a period of 12/15 minutes. Inhalation treatments are useful for some diseases of the respiratory system such as rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis and bronchial and asthmatic forms. These are vasomotor rhinitis (hay fever), those that quickly regress with inhalation treatment. Rheumatism secondary to tonsillar foci and asthmatic forms.

Stone Massage

It is a massage done using the hot lava stones that have numerous beneficial effects. This massage improves the flow of energy within the body, stress, muscle pain, back pain, rheumatic or arthritic pain, insomnia, depression and circulation.

Stone Massage



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