Procida is a small and colorful island, but thanks to the dossier “Culture does not isolate” has reached a huge goal: to win the prize for Capital of Culture for the year 2022.

The island of Procida, with its 4kmq, fully represents the identity of the maritime village. Its small size allows to explore it on foot, to see the beautiful landscapes that the island offers, but also by scooter or bike.

You can fall in love with the island of Procida as soon as you get off the boat: the main port of Marina Grande have a wide overview of the pastel colored houses that create the perfect background.

The main square near the port, in addition to the presence of characteristic places such as bars, restaurants and kiosks, is well connected to the bus stop and taxis.

A must stop along the itinerary is definitely Terra Murata, the historical and cultural center of Procida located on the highest point of the island. Once at the top you can admire, and visit, the majestic d’Avalos Palace from which you can admire the incredible view over the Gulf of Naples. From the d’Avalos Palace, which has become the Royal Palace, it is possible to stop at the Abbey of San Michele with its splendid works of art. Terra Murata can be reached on foot or by taxi.

Near the historic center of the island of Procida is the seaside village of Marina Corricella, the oldest village of Procida. A real gem for history, culture and art. Marina Corricella is an amphitheater on the sea and is the perfect meeting place for all those who need to relax, refresh and have lunch, in one of the many restaurants overlooking the sea.
Do not miss a visit to Casale Vascello which preserves the peculiar medieval architecture typical cells houses of Procida.

The most popular and unforgettable beaches of Procida are those of Ciraccio and Chiaiolella, with their fine sand and crystal clear waters, are the perfect scenery for sunsets. The beach of Chiaia located in the eastern area of Procida and in front of the island of Ischia is very scenic: to get there you need to go down a long staircase of 180 steps, but many is described as “the most beautiful beach of Procida”.

Finally, do not miss the small island-natural oasis of Vivara, connected to Procida by a bridge.  with the shape of a crescent and a perimeter of just 3 kilometers. Vivara, together with Procida and Ischia, is the ideal destination for guided boat tours and excursions to discover unique beauties, including a large colony of dolphins and diving to admire the archaeological finds scattered on the seabed.

The visit, however, cannot be defined as concluded without an exploration of the gastronomic specialties of the island, based on fish, such as spaghetti with sea urchins or spaghetti with Procida canocchie, or lemon, such as ox tongues, pastries made with puff pastry and lemon cream.

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